9 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Basketball

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Basketball is a popular sport across the world. It is much more loved because it can be played as a casual game on the local court or a competitive sport. It also offers a great way to workout requires the use of your whole body. It is a fast-paced game that involves running and jumping which is a great way to exercise. Basketball is the perfect choice if you want a sport that to keep you healthy and fit as it comes with many health benefits. Below are the top 9 health benefits of basketball.

  1. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Playing basketball is significant for your heart health because as you keep running and jumping your heart rate increases. When you want to make sure your heart is healthy it also helps in building endurance which is necessary. Additionally, it also helps to lower risks of heart disease and stroke later in your life.

  1. Burns Calories

Do you want to reduce some weight? Play basketball. All the running, jumping and lateral movements, give you an aerobic workout which eventually will help you burn calories. After playing basketball for an hour, a person weighing 165 pounds is expected to burn around 600 calories while a person weighing 250 pounds is supposed to burn almost 900 calories.

  1. Builds Bone Strength

The physical requirements of this fantastic sport help in building and improving bone strength. Any activity a lot of lateral movements results in the formation of new bone tissues and eventually leading to stronger bones. When playing basketball, both the bones and muscles in your body become stronger as it is an activity involving pushing and tugging of muscles against bone.

  1. Boosts The Immune System

Similar to playing other sports basketball also helps in reducing stress. When stress is reduced, you will have more energy to do other tasks. Also, it helps to prevent depression by making you more social. Your immune system gets a boost as well when stress is lowered.

  1. Provides Strength Training

You get an excellent full body workout by playing basketball. This helps to develop you lean, neck, lower back, traps, deltoids and core muscles. It also helps to make your legs more muscular, and movements such as dribbling and shooting help strengthen your wrist flexors, arms and hand muscles.

  1. Boosts Mental Development

Regardless of basketball being a game that requires physical skills, it is also a mind game that requires a lot of creativity. You are required to have a lot of focus so that you can quickly and accurately process the correct action on the court and make effective decisions with the ball. It also requires dedication and more training so that you can observe you, teammates and opponents, constantly and jump to a quick conclusion based on their actions.

  1. Develops Better Coordination And Motor Skills

Hand-eye coordination is required when playing basketball as well as full body coordination. When you are more used to play this sport, you will develop these skills. Rebounding missed shots gives the training develop full body coordination while dribbling gives you practice for hand-eye coordination.

  1. Develops Self-Discipline And Concentration

There are rules to be followed while playing basketball which is similar to other sports. When you break these rule, it can lead to punishments or penalties for you or even your team. This way, you will learn self-discipline that is required as it encourages you to be more fair and competitive at the same time. Your mind also becomes more focused and alert.

  1. Improves Awareness Of Space And Body

Basketball is a game that demands spatial awareness. You need to master your position to play defense effectively or make that perfect shop. When you have a knowledge of the body and space you know exactly where you are required to be when your opponent or teammate makes a shot or passes the ball. When you develop good spatial awareness, it helps to improve your balance.


With the numerous benefits of playing basketball, it is the most significant reason for you to pick a ball and begin shooting some hoops. You can play the game with friends or alone depending on what you choose as eventually, you will get a great workout. By including this sport in your fitness routine, you are assured to get a mentally and physically fit and active for many years.