8 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Football

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Football is the most famous sports in the world. When playing, players are allowed to use all their body parts except the hands. The game involves two teams, each composed of 11 players. The sport can be played professionally or by amateurs for enjoyment and fitness. Players spend 90 minutes running and defending the ball to score the opponent. People of all ages can take part in the game to reap from its health benefits and have fun. The game involves a range of movements of different intensity such as kicks, turns, twists, and sprints which help provide a perfect workout. The following are 8 surprising health benefits of playing football

  1. Enhances the Brain’s Cognitive Function

Playing football requires quick decision making which helps increase concentration. When playing football, you have to adhere to the rule of the game which teaches you to practice self-discipline, learning from positive criticism, persistence, and emotional control. Further, the game helps you develop emotional control and resilience by learning how to cope with disappointments. Finally, the game helps to build your mental strength by learning how to seek opportunities even when there seems to be none. A football player concedes defeat only when the last whistle is blown! All these lessons help your brain to be able to distinguish between life situations which appear related yet have distinct differences.

  1. Boosts Self-Esteem and Helps Reduce Anxiety

Playing football build physical strength and endurance which enhances a player’s confidence in their abilities both in the field and in other areas of their life. After registering a win in the field, your body bursts with good feelings which help get relief from the things stressing you. Playing football enables you to forget about issues that are causing you sleepless nights and can thus help reduce anxiety and stress. Football also helps foster interpersonal relationships which also help you fight against anxiety.

  1. Builds Muscle Strength

Playing football helps develop your whole body muscles. For instance, your upper body muscles become strengthened through activities such as throw-ins, shielding the ball from the opponent, and initiating movement. Your lower body muscles gain strength from jumping, sprinting, tackling the opponent, turning, and twisting. Besides muscle strengthening, playing football increases muscular endurance, core stability, and flexibility. Enhanced muscle flexibility increases your performance and reduces the chance for injury. Improved core stability is essential for maintaining balance during later stages in life.

  1. Increases Bone Strength

Bone density decreases with advancement in age. Playing football strengthens your skeletal frame’s density due to the repeated bearing of weight as you run in the field. Further, playing football enhances the elasticity of the joints’ ligature which makes your bones to be stronger and less susceptible to fractures.

  1. Enhances Coordination Between Body Parts

Coordination between various parts of the body is a significant requirement when playing football. You have to keep running, defend the ball from your opponent, and watch out for your teammates for passes. Activities such as dribbling, passing, and turning happens in a split which helps enhance coordination between various body parts including the eyes, legs, hands, and the head.

  1. Increases Aerobic Capacity

Playing football enhances your aerobic capacity to generate enough energy to enable you to run in the field for 90 minutes. Enhanced aerobic capacity is vital in promoting the rate of metabolism. A high rate of metabolism promotes the body’s overall health, vitality, and longevity.

  1. Improves Cardiovascular Health

It is estimated that a football player runs for over 5 miles in 90 minutes. The intense physical activity causes an increase in your heartbeat which is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise. What’s more, your blood vessels also reap the benefit of vasodilation making them able to accommodate an increased flow of blood and resist the build-up of fats.

  1. Improves Muscle Tone and Lowers Body Fat

Playing football exercises all the groups of muscles in your body from the glutes, biceps, abdominal, chest, and forceps among others. Muscles exercise is an energy-intensive activity which requires the use of stored energy in the form of fats. Playing football helps tone your muscles for that athletic figure you have always wished to have. Your body produces energy both aerobically and anaerobically to sustain the muscle activity. It is estimated that continuously playing football for thirty minutes can help you burn 260 calories.