10 Benefits of Running in the Morning

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Running is a popular method of keeping fit. You can accomplish your fitness goals with limited resources and equipment through running. The low demand for cash and specialized equipment explains why running has been embraced by many people around the world aiming to keep fit. Running has immense health benefits regardless of the speed involved from jogging to Olympic-type sprints. A majority of those who run, prefer to do it in the morning. But why? We answer this question by exploring the following 10 benefits of running in the morning:

  1. Burns More Calories

Going for a run in the morning when your stomach is empty enhances the burning of fats in your body. Your glucose levels are low and thus, your body relies more on stored fats for energy. Further, since running involves exercising multiple muscle groups, your body will continue to burn fats long after you are done with exercise.

  1. Enhances Metabolism Throughout the Day

Running in the morning kick-starts your metabolism on high gear and help maintain it throughout the day. A high rate of metabolism provides you with enough energy to accomplish more without having to break down. A high rate of metabolism is also vital to ensuring good feeding habits.

  1. Mood Improvement and Stress Reduction

When you go for a jog in the morning, it stimulates your body to release the feel-good hormones including serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. You can remain happy and tolerant to stress due to the trigger effect. You will be able to see the better side of life and have a smile all day long.

  1. Promotes Easier Commitment to Exercise

When you run in the morning, very few things can interfere with your fitness program and you are not exhausted since you are straight from the bed. You can remain committed to exercise thus achieve your fitness objectives within the set time. It has been found that 90% of people who maintain consistency in exercise, run in the morning.

  1. Enjoying Nature’s Serenity

Running in the morning gives you a chance to experience nature at its best. You enjoy spectacular sights and sounds of nature including the chirping of birds, the rising of the sun from the horizon, squirrels rushing to dash in their hiding places, and moist paths due to dew. This experience is priceless and worth every effort to rise early.

  1. Less Heat and Pollution

Running in the morning helps you avoid air pollution from vehicle emission. There are few vehicles on the road in the morning, thus cleaner air. You can thus, breathe easy which make running easy. Besides, you do not risk the accumulation of toxins in your body which has the potential to cause respiratory and other diseases in the future. Running in the morning also has a benefit about temperature. Low temperatures in the morning make it easy and enjoyable for you to exercise.

  1. Increases Your Alertness During the Day

Running is a high-intensity workout which fills your body with adrenaline and endorphins which help you remain focused for the rest of the day. Running in the morning enhances your productivity at work. Besides, being alert, your mood becomes elated making you have good interpersonal relationships.

  1. Better Sleep at Night

When you run in the morning, your body becomes more responsive to cooling and recovery mechanism at night. For you to fall asleep fast and have quality sleep, your body experiences a decline in temperature. Running in the morning helps increase the temperature range making you have a better sleep. Additionally, running in the morning helps restore your sleep schedule.

  1. A Relatively Inexpensive Way to Keep Fit

Save for having to wake up early in the morning and the morning dew; you can keep fit by running around your neighborhood in the morning. You do not require special equipment and facilities to exercise. The costs associated with a fitness program are a significant consideration when evaluating alternatives during hard economic times.

  1. Great Time for Planning Your Day

Running in the morning presents the best opportunity for you to plan the activities you wish to accomplish throughout the day. Your mind is fresh and can thus afford to be creative about your ways meeting set objectives. Also, running in the morning helps kick start your day on a high.