How To Get Fitness Success

The Key To Success With Fitness

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When you are on your journey to becoming the most fit and good looking person that you can be, you might ask yourself a question, “How do I keep myself motivated?” Well, the answer isn’t too simple. You see, motivation is the wrong word to use. Motivation only means that you are ready to do something at a specific point in time. The real word that you want to use is dedication.

Why Dedication?

Dedication is important because it makes you form a habit. When a habit is formed, then naturally do it without really even thinking about it. For instance, if you ate a yogurt cup every single night and then one night you decided you weren’t going to have a yogurt cup. Well, in order to decide that you weren’t going to have that yogurt cup you needed to think to not have a yogurt. So, if you work out everyday for at least 3 months, it will actually take conscious effort to not workout the day after those 3 months. This is because your brain is flexible when producing habits. Habits are formed over medium-length periods of time. So, in order to combat this, we must become dedicated. Dedication is the real key to success.

Need Feel Alive Again? Try A Photobooth!

Photobooths are the new craze in a small city called Chico, California. The most memorable moments are started in photobooths and you can share them with friends and family. I am positive an old relative would love to receive a goofy picture of you. We interviewed 100 people in Chico and asked them where their favorite photo booth rental Chico CA was located at and they all said New Vision Photo Booths.

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Look Ultra Fit With Photos

The difficulty in finding a good photo booth rental place is that they are extremely hard to find in small cities. Luckily is a small, but BIG city at the same time. Chico makes it known that they are a city full of trees and other various native shrubs. The people there never shut up about how much they love their darn shrubs. However, when taking photos with friends, you should always take pictures with them looking upside down. Why would you want that? Uh, maybe because it is absolutely hilarious.

photo booth collapsed

Eat Clean And Healthy While In The Photo Booth

I mean, if you were to look at a photo of someone while taking pictures of people looking upside down it would be one of the funniest things that you have ever seen. My own grandma takes photos of herself from time to time in a photo booth located in Chico and also Los Angeles. New Vision Photo Booths took great care of all our customers needs. In fact they served someone a huge sub from a sandwich place made with a ton of pastrami. It was one of the funniest moments that I personally have ever witnessed. I have never seen someone eat that much pastrami while in a photo booth. The most common type of photo booth is a collapsible photo stand. Many people think that it is impossible to have a photo stand, but you will never know until you experience selfie!

Workouts Should Not Take Hours

Working Out With Interval Training

interval training workout example

One mistake that many people make when they first start working out is they lift weights or run for hours on end. This is actually bad for your body as your muscles need time to recover. Think about it, if you are constantly breaking down muscle, then how can you become more muscular? This brings us to interval training. The reason so many Workout Gurus do interval training is because it works. They train at the perfect intervals to break down enough muscle to stimulate muscle growth, without over-training. Your body needs rest after an intense workout. The worst thing that you can do is constantly break your body down without giving it a rest period. Healthy Lean Fitness is a company located in California that gives out free interval training guides.

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The Secret Behind Interval Training Workouts

Interval training has been around for a while, but throughout the years it has slowly become perfected. The time it takes to complete an interval has been scientifically proven to help stimulate muscle growth. A complete workout should usually never be over an hour. Any training done inside of an interval should be less than 15 minutes.

Usually, interval training works by doing a workout with heavy intensity. A great free workout plan that uses interval training is the Buff Dudes 12 Week Program. The real secret in interval training lies in the movements. Compound movements are the most effective with intervals because it allows for a full body workout to be completed in a short amount of time. Arnold Schwarzenegger was famous for his special interval training routines that he used to do. Of course, now he is way too old to complete a workout with that sort of intensity. Another great aspect of interval training is that it trains the cardiovascular system to adapt quickly. You will feel much healthier after completing a full circuit.

Chris Pratt Has Had An Incredible Body Transformation

Remember That Chubby Guy Chris Pratt?

chris pratt workout transformation

Chris Pratt, the star of Zero Dark Thirty and Passenger, has managed to completely change his body through a series of workouts and proper dieting. The fact that Mr. Pratt was able to transform himself in such a short amount of time is quite amazing, but how did he do it. Top Hat Fitness posted the results on Chris Pratt’s transformation and gave the complete workout and diet plan that he used. Chris Pratt used a series of techniques that many stars of Hollywood use, but how Chris Pratt lost weight is something that even the average person can achieve.

How Much Weight He Lost

Mr. Pratt managed to lose 60 pounds in six months. He claims that he did, “Three or four hours a day of just consistent, ass-kicking hard work.” In the end he believes all of the work he did in and out of the gym paid off. He is 35 years of age and posted a selfie of himself shirtless that went viral on Instagram last year. His chiseled frame and six-pack abs. He claimed that he hasn’t had beer in over six months. Beer was the main reason that he became so overweight.

What Did His Workouts Consist Of?

workout plan of christopher pratt

Many of Pratt’s workout sessions included P90X, running, swimming, and kickboxing. He has starred in many Hollywood hits, such as Zero Dark Thirty and Moneyball. It is weird that Mr. Pratt became so in shape after he purposely gained weight for his Parks and Recreation character.

Who Mr. Pratt Trained With

Chris Pratt trained with a personal trainer who was also a former Navy SEAL and Marine sniper. His name is Duffy Gaver. Mr. Gaver says that no matter how much his clients can lift when they come into his classes, he uses the same bodybuilding template for all of his clients. Most of his clients are amazed at the changes they make by the end of their training program with him.


Finally! An All Natural Testosterone Enhancing Supplement That Actually Works!

Sports Supplements That Are Proven

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The workout industry can be a dirty business. As you may or may not know, sports medicine has been getting more and more efficient as time goes on. Creatine is the usual staple workout supplement that has been used for decades. The reason that athletes use creatine is for the fact that it increases ATP production in your muscles. Another great supplement is Boost Elite. Supplement Zone provides a great Boost Elite testosterone booster review. ATP increases our testosterone in many different ways. ATP provides our muscles with the ability to build muscle much faster since it stimulates protein synthesis. There is a couple of things you should know before ordering creatine.

The Side Effects of Creatine in Sports

creatine sports supplements

Creatine is also a nootropic. Nootropics are drugs that increase cognitive function. So, not only do you get the benefits of more athleticism, but you also get an increase in brain function. The original and best-studied form of creatine is a derivative called creatine monohydrate. If you can get a high enough concentration then it is highly effective. The recommended dose is 5 grams per day and you should wait at least a month to start seeing the effects.

What To Do During the Loading Phase

If you are in a loading phase, or are lifting heavy compound movements, then you should take about 20 grams per day for a week and then slow down back to 5 grams a day to maintain after that. The main thing about the loading phase that you should be aware of is that you may become very dehydrated. You should make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. The most common side-effect of creatine monohydrate is dehydration. However, for this small side-effect you can increase your muscle mass anywhere from 15 to 200 percent faster than people who aren’t taking creatine. For the maximum effect, one should take a quarter of a teaspoon of raw honey while taking creatine.

Hiking Proven To Boost Cardiovascular Health

The Good News Of Hiking

hiking cardiovascular solution

Good news for those who consistently hike. As it turns out, hiking is one of the best ways to boost cardiovascular regeneration. If you suffer from breathing problems, hiking may be the answer. New studies show that hiking for an hour a day can relieve stress throughout the week. Now, we know that daily exercise is good for the body. That fact has been proven long ago. However, hiking has been proven to be the most efficient way to increase cardiovascular health, especially in the elderly. Those who are 40 years of age or older are likely to benefit the most from daily hiking. In fact, just getting daily exercise in general is shown to increase happiness levels overall. If you are suffering from depression, hiking may be the solution that you are looking for.

The Challenges in Hiking

If you are planning on picking up this new hobby, there are a couple of things that you should consider. Suggested backpack weight for children is given by a percentage of their body weight. An example of this is if you have a 50 lb child then they should carry a backpack that weighs no more than 10 lbs. Joining a hiking club, such as the American Hiking Society, could be beneficial to keep yourself on track. If you are up for a challenge, try hiking the tallest peak in the continental United States, Mount Whitney. The mountain is massive and the hike includes a 22 mile round trip.

Hiker’s Weight Loss

canyon hiking and camping

Did you know that hiking can burns up 370 calories an hour for a 154 lb person? Hiking also has been shown to reduce depression and give better quality of sleep. Another benefit of hiking is a lowered risk of colon and breast cancer. Also, if you suffer from low bone density, hiking may help. Studies have shown that hiking increases bone density and slows the loss of bone density. Hiking isn’t just a cardiovascular activity, hiking improves every day living.

Can Plastic Surgery Help Heal Wounds From Sports?

New Studies Reveal New Rhinoplasty Surgery Having High Success Rates

Rhinoplasty has been a procedure that has been in use for many years. Often, people wonder if they can get surgery while playing sports. Dr. Parker at Chico Rhinoplasty believes that answer to be a yes. As long as you aren’t getting a major procedure done, then you can continue to play sports and be outdoors while you recover from surgery. Rhinoplasty surgery has shown results of improvement in many sports due to the fact that when the nose is rebuilt, you can breathe more easily. The first few days after the surgery you will have nose splints, but afterwards you will be able to breathe better. Dr. Parker believes the best firm to help you breathe more easily after surgery is Butte County Plastic Surgery. If you are having trouble breathing, you should see a medical professional. Doctors of all types should be able to help with post surgery problems, but seeing a nose and throat doctor after a rhinoplasty procedure is your best bet. Your nasal skin will take a while to heal, but it should be good within a year. I know a year is a long time to wait, but it is worth it. You will most likely look a lot better after your rhinoplasty surgery.

rhinoplasty plastic surgery in chico california

Upper Third Section Of The Nose

The upper third section of the nose is where the main procedure takes place. This is because this part of the nose is thick and relatively mobile and flexible. However, it is difficult to operate on because of the tapers in the nose. The middle third section is the little bit of skin overlying on the mid-dorsal section of the nose. This skin is the thinnest and least flexible because it has to support the nose framework. Another problem with rhinoplasty that the surgeon at hand has to deal with are the nasal muscles. A good surgeon can easily avoid cutting nasal muscle.

GoPro Cameras Are The New Best Thing!

Action Sports Video Cameras For Hunting?

If you haven’t picked up a GoPro HERO4 Silver yet, then you are missing out. The new package offers a camera that can get up to 120 frames per second. It has excellent slow motion video that really is quite vivid. The lens on the camera is just pure quality. For an action sports video camera, the GoPro HERO4 Silver is quite impressive. Now why wouldn’t I recommend the HERO4 Black? Well, the Black edition is mostly used by professionals who don’t need the LCD back screen, while others really want the back screen. The GoPro line has been selling very well this year compared to previous years. When it comes to video cameras and recording devices for sports, you just can’t get much better than GoPro.

action sports video camera recording device

How About GoPro HERO5?

The GoPro HERO5 is out, however I still believe that people should be buying the HERO4 since the price has dropped so much compared to previous years. So, just how much are GoPro cameras? The HERO4 is the right price, but the HERO5 just doesn’t make the mark. The GoPro HERO5 just simply doesn’t have the value prospects that the HERO4 has done so well on. Also, personally, I believe that the HERO5 just doesn’t look as sleek and well designed as the HERO4. If you hunt, the HERO4 is definitely for you, since I hunt and I use it in the field all the time.

gopro video camera sony toshiba

The Best Titanium Sporting Knives

What’s The Big Deal With Titanium Knives?

titanium folding knife for hunting


Titanium knives have had their place in many recreational sports, such as fishing and hunting. The main appeal about titanium knives is the fact that titanium doesn’t rust. It is a wonderful material that has the properties that you want, like being lightweight, strong, and doesn’t rust. However, there are some downfalls to a titanium pocket knife. Titanium bends easily, and it can be brittle depending on the heat treatment that it is given. It should also be noted that titanium isn’t actually a steel.

titanium blade for fishing knife

Wait… Titanium Isn’t Actually A Steel?

That’s right and it is both a huge downside and huge upside. For starters, since it isn’t a steel, titanium is very soft and it blunts very quickly. Fortunately, it doesn’t corrode easily, it is robust, and it isn’t magnetic. Unfortunately, it is a really expensive material. This is a real shame since titanium knives look so good and have such a nice finish to them. Titanium blades look almost futuristic. What I personally like about titanium knives is the incredibly sharp edge that you can put on them. Also, modern technology innovation has created a great form of titanium that is used today. The best traditional pocket knife definitely isn’t made of titanium. Many knives aren’t full titanium due to the softness, and so many knives are simply coated with some sort of titanium coating because of how resistant to corrosion titanium can be. Also, with a titanium coating, you can get a very cheap blade that performs just as, if not better than a full titanium blade. Some of the best titanium knives have a tanto edge. Tanto knives tend to be more combative knives, but there are actually many tanto knife benefits that your average citizen doesn’t realize he has at his disposal. A great combination blade of steel and titanium is shown in many of the blades carrying 440 steels. 440 is usually a budget steel that has terrible rust resistance, however, with a TiNi coating you can have all of the benefits of having a knife with a 440 blade, and the corrosion resistance that titanium has to offer.

How Titanium Knives Are Made

Sports and Marijuana

Stoners and Sports

smoking stoner not healthy

Is marijuana good in sports? Baseball Ben here, and I have a theory that weed, ganja, reefer, Mary Jane, whatever you call it, could possibly be beneficial to athletes. With the upcoming vote here in California to legalized marijuana, those who haven’t really thought about the issue should consider it now. While getting stoned may have been just fun in the past, it may have many benefits. There is one thing for sure though, we sure are confident that stoners have a sense of style based off of these awesome stoner shoes. I mean come on, isn’t that just hilarious?

Getting Stoned Might Lower Testosterone

Nothing is for sure yet, but there is a common theory that getting stoned might lower your testosterone. If so, fitness junkies everywhere will find out in the near future and they will should it from the rooftops. I heard a great joke about fitness junkies like that. How do you know that someone does crossfit? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you. I told you in was a great joke. If you like jokes then you will love the best stoner movie ever made. Pineapple Express has everything that you could want in a stoner comedy.

Weed and Water

water bottle ganja fitness

No doubt that weed and water mix. Anyone who has ever had a toke of the magical herb knows that water is a needed companion for your journey. Athletes definitely should drink more water if they decide to participate in smoking a little ganja before their tournament, match, or other fitness event. Also, clothing style is important if you decide to match it with fitness. Sick Stoner Clothing is a good place to start for attire. However, hydrating is the first thing that you should think about while smoking reefer and don’t ever over do it.